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Gwarancją prawidłowego
wykonania terapii chelatowej
jest certyfikat nadany przez PTTCh.

Return to life and power for living
A non-surgical method of treatment dissolving arteriosclerotical plaques in the blood vessels, the first method in history so far, which eliminates the source of free radical in organism.
It is a new method in Poland, which is specially effective for patients with serious blood flow complications, such as: heart attacks, strokes or ischemia limb pains causing REVITALIZATION of the health - return to life and power for living - because most sick people, fell much older than they really are, and now by using the chelation therapy, they feel as if they were 10-15 years younger.
  1. Chelation is being used
  2. Treatment causes:
  3. Treating arteriosclerosis with chelation
  4. What is chelation?
  5. Is chelation effective?
  6. The conclusion of chelation
  7. Research and presence in literature
  8. With which diseases is chelation the most effective?
  9. Safety of the method


  • Chelation is being used

With great success for years in the U.S. The only limitation is that you need to have a qualified physician to use it, and today there are not so many such doctors. A minimum of 20 treatments is needed for it to be effective. The treatment consist of a standard infusion with EDTA, usually done in a sitting position, and often consisting of 20 to 50, each lasting 2-4 hours.

The cost of chelation, which patient bears, is much lower than a common "by-pass" operation or angioplasty, not even mentioning these wonderful and almost up until recently technically impossible chirurgical surgeries, removing only a few centimeters of the most clogged artery, not even touching other parts that are damaged, while chelation cleans the whole circulatory system.

Arteriosclerosis treatment - the basic and most spectacular indication for chelation - is made usually of 30 infusions. Often the first 10 infusions are done 3 times a week, the next 10 - twice a week, the last 10 - once or twice a week, it depends on the progress of the treatment. A number of additional infusions is determined by the leading physician, proportionally to the treatment effects after the planned series. The whole treatment usually lasts from 2 to 4 months.

In individual cases there is performed so called booster chelation, e.g. one or two infusions every 1 to 3 months after the basic therapy, though it very rarely exceeds the amount of 50 infusions for one patient.

Chelation gives long-term improvement in advanced arteriosclerosis, eliminates degenerative free radical effects, decreases various pains and delays the formation of civilization diseases, and premature aging.

Treatment recommended for reasons other than arteriosclerosis do not require as many treatments and are individually determined by a physician. It can be for example 3, 5, 7 or 15 infusions.

The biggest, unquestionable advantage of chelation is the fact that it is a treatment once in a lifetime, very strictly defined number of treatments and with effects that are clearly known, in contrary to "miraculous" treatments with biopreparations, where one needs to take them 3, or even 5 times a day, often for the rest of your life. These kinds of prescriptions, in which a preparation must be taken longer than 3 months are always suspicious. When it comes to chelation, it is known in advance that there will be only one treatment. Any repetition that may be needed, would be known at the soonest after a few years.



  • Treatment causes:

"CLEANSING" the blood vessels from cholesterol deposits, because of removing calcium from arteriosclerotical plaques, causes their dissolution. Calcium deposits, accruing over the years, prevents the free flow of blood, what also means preventing oxygen and nutrients delivery to tissues and molecules. Numerous studies proved the many positive effects of chelation on the state and patency of blood vessels and the flow of blood, through both small and large blood vessels. Unclogging the vessels starts from the smallest.

Arteriosclerosis of cerebral vessels may lead to severe brain aneaxemia and consequently to stroke, and chronic aneaxemia - to dementia. After chelation there is clear improvement of the blood supply to the brain, and also this prevents stroke and dementia.

Arteriosclerosis of coronary vessels leads to heart attack. After chelation there is a clear improvement of the heart's activity, even in advanced ischemia disease.

Arteriosclerosis of lower limbs causes ischemia pains, and also gangrene and the necessity of amputation (especially with diabetics). Patients after EDTA infusions very often avoid those sad operations.

Arteriosclerosis of small blood vessel glands, leading to a deteriorating blood supply, very often weakens sexual activity. Chelaton through improving the blood supply of these glands, noticeably improves this activity.


  • Treatment causes:

"DETOXICATION" of the organism from toxic ions and heavy metal molecules, which enter the system together with polluted air, water and food. Molecules and heavy metal ions are the source of free radicals, which contribute to all degenerative diseases and in the cancer formation process. The main source of toxic metals EXCESSES are: car exhaust, factory smokes, dust from cement mill, cigarette smoke, chemical plant preservatives, paints, food preservatives. This is particularly important for the inhabitants of big cities or in the neighborhood of chemical factories, as excesses of those metallic features in human organisms most often occurs there.

Patients report a decrease in the buzzing of the ears, and improvement of hearing, vision and memory, a decrease of pain, improvement of sexual activity, a clearly improved condition of the skin and hair and other positive changes just after the first infusions. All of these symptoms are clear signs of REVITALIZATION, meaning an improvement of biological activity. Especially interesting are the reports from patients with gangrene, as they are very emotionally about the gradual improvements after several treatments, seeing that the threat of amputation is decreasing.


  • Treatment causes:

REVITALIZATION - polluting the body with heavy metals and free radicals Many scientists and physicians are close to accept the theory, that the aging process results from the accumulation of heavy metal molecules our organism. An excess of these molecules causes a significant increase in forming free radicals, which are responsible for the destruction of tissues, and by this results in premature aging. This accumulation of heavy metal molecules obtained through food and breathing are a main and constant source of catalyzing free radicals in our organism every day. However, almost all scientists agree, that free radicals are the source in a great number of diseases, with cancerous diseases taking first place.

The organism unfortunately does not have the natural mechanisms of disposing those harmful metal molecules, and since they are accumulating in our body since birth, leads to the destruction of the entire health, resulting in premature death and other earlier diseases and disabilities.

Removing heavy metal molecules through chelation, together with a noticeable decrease in the number of free radicals is the real REVITALIZING of our organism and almost everyone notice the effects even during the infusions.

This way chelation has a real chance to become the treatment for premature aging. It can be bravely called the - "LIFE CURE". In this situation it becomes very reachable to achieve an age of over 90 years in proportion to normal health, by persons who consciously and reasonably conduct their lives.


  • Treating arteriosclerosis with chelation
Over 600 million people suffer from heart diseases. In Poland about 300,000 people die every year. Almost every second case of death is caused by heart and blood vessel complications, and arteriosclerosis is most often the consequence. This year over 50 million people will die from heart attacks. A number of amputations will be performed. There will be about 500 thousand "by-pass" operations, and a similar number of angioplasty. These operations, despite their cosmic technology, do not remove, or even touch, the very process of clogging the arteries, but they only postpone death by unclogging the narrowest places, but the clogging process continues.
Fortunately there is an effective, and not too complicated nor expensive solution for cleaning all the blood vessels from arteriosclerotical deposits. This solution is chelation. It can, through removing arteriosclerosis, save your life, prevent you from being crippled and effectively release you from pain. Additionally, through the detoxization from heavy metals and the elimination of degenerative free radicals, it effectively prolongs your life.


  • What is chelation?

The name comes from the Greek word chele, which means claw, like in a crab claw.

Chelatal combinations form when there is a long term connection of an organic substance with a metal ion.

Examples of natural chelatal combinations are: hemoglobin, which has an iron ion in its molecule, and chlorophyll, which has a magnesium ion.

If we introduce such an organic substance into the organism, it will form lasting combinations with metals, which are very soluble and quickly excreted by the kidneys. Usually two hours after infusion about 80% of the EDTA is already excreted to the urine. This substance in contrary to other drugs does not contaminate our body - nor interferes with the metabolism and is completely excreted.

Such a substance is EDTA - synthetic amino acid used in the 1950's to cure heavy metal, lead and mercury poisoning. This therapy is most popular in highly developed countries.

Similar to chelation is the health effects of a starvation diet but without the inconvenience connected with it. Despite all the positive effects of the diet, it cannot remove heavy metal deposits, what chelation successfully does. Because of this, chelation makes way for a healthy long life. On the other hand, the positive effects of fasting are commonly known and unquestioned, expanding the life span.

Under the influence of chelation there is a noticeable temporary increase in the cholesterol level, which proves the proper working of EDTA, in that arteriosclerosis is being resolved. Arteriosclerosis consists mainly of cholesterol, which through calcium ion Ca++ sticks to the arterial walls and capillary vessels. EDTA severs calcium ions from this complex also "detaching" cholesterol from the arteiosclerotical plaques to blood serum, where it can be examined as a higher level. Despite this increase of cholesterol, almost all patients are enthusiastic about the clear decease of arteriosclerosis, in other words this narrow the arteries.

In the 1980's a more accessible form of chelation was created, in the form of oral therapy. It would make chelation something as simple as taking vitamins, also reducing its cost to around one tenth (1/10) of intravenous chelation. Unfortunately it is not so effective. Americans calculated that one infusion is similar to three months of oral therapy. So to get the effect of 30 infusions, oral treatment should be conducted for about 30 years.

Foods taken with EDTA start to connect to metals contained in the food - mainly with calcium Ca++ and magnesium Mg++ in the stomach. So EDTA could reduce minerals in our diet, not even touching deposits lying deeper in the tissues, not mentioning even arteriosclerosis in arteries.

The whole sense of infusions is that EDTA should be applied where it works; directly to the placenta vessels. EDTA is very active biologically and chemically, and works immediately right where it is located, and when it reacts with metal by absorbing it, it becomes completely non-active. In this form, when it gets to circulatory system, it is only a non-active ballast excreted by the kidneys. In arteriosclerosis and heavy metal poisoning we need EDTA to operate mainly on the blood vascular system, and not on the digestive system. In order to have a therapeutic influence, an active - not joined with heavy metals - EDTA must be delivered to the vascular system directly. The activity of EDTA on the digestive system does not make any sense, and can be even harmful - there is a threat of demineralization of the entire system after long-term usage.

Moreover, when EDTA is given orally, it is absorbed only in 1/5, in other words 20%, and 80% is excreted with the stool, the dose should be increased 5 times. To have 1.5 grams in the vascular system, it is necessity to take 7.5 grams daily. When a pill contains 0.5 grams, it would mean a consumption of 15 pills daily, which is physically impossible in the long term. Moreover, it would also increases the cost 5 times, which would cause that it would be only half the price of infusion, not mentioning the doubtful effects. A plan of oral treatment prescribes smaller daily doses for this reason.


  • Is chelation effective?

One American physician, Gary Gordon, whose life has been saved by chelation, and who is a leader in chelation therapy in U.S., wrote: - "I took patients, who already had 'by-pass', but could not have an operation, because they did not have any more veins in their legs left to be taken for their heart. They were sent home to die, and I was able to bring them back to life."

Our National Coordinator, Dr Antoni Krasicki - a leader of chelation in Poland - in 2003 said: "Now, after 2 1/2 years since I have started using the chelation method myself, I can say that I had a coronary disease." We know very well from our everyday experience, that the usual practice in this matter is completely different. If somebody had a coronary disease, he has it until he dies, and usually dies from it or from its complications. The retreat of this incurable disease for more than 2 years now is a miracle, and it is indeed, comparing to the standard treatment we had known. "According to the plan, I underwent the standard treatment of 30 infusions 3-2-1 times a week, and then I used booster treatment for 2 years, 1 infusion every 1-3 months. Now I have had 45 infusions, I feel great; I am fully healthy as can be and I am professionally over active".

Heart attack victim, Tomasz, a building company owner had a heart attack at the age of 37, underwent a triple "by-pass" operation: "I felt good after the operation, but 5 years later the veins were clogged again and I could hardly move my legs. The worst was that I could not think normally. I was only sitting at home all day planning, but not doing anything. I went back to the heart surgeon with resignation that a new operation is needed, but he said, that it is too risky in this advanced condition." Fortunately Tomasz found out about chelation. After a few treatments he said: "my brain starts to function". After a year of therapy he claimed: "I have no pain in my chest, my blood pressure normalized"

Andrzej appeared in The Dr Krasicki Health Service Centre with swelling and significant pain in his fingers. The drugs he used brought only relief, but the disease continued. Fingers were livid and the finger tips swollen. On the finger tips appeared necrosis. The patient decided on chelation because he was afraid of sympathectomy (operation on the blood vessels in the chest). Right after the first 3 infusions the pain left, and after the next 5 the swelling and blue color also left, and necrosis started to heal.

Thrombosis inflammation of the lower limb arteries. Zofia, 58 years old, had been smoking 20 cigarettes a day for 40 years. For 2 years she had been suffering from intermittent claudication (pains in the lower limbs, causing her to stop because of pain during walking). A few months earlier there was an incurable, painful sore on the left toe. Pharmacological treatment did not help, the whole foot started to become livid. After 10 infusions the pain stopped. After 20 the sore started to heal. A check up after 30 infusions confirmed the complete healing of the sore. The leg is warmed. There is no intermittent claudication.

Diabetes. If you are a diabetic, dependant on insulin, chelation will help you to decrease the dosage of medicine. It is a recent discovery made by Canadian scientists. Dr Paul Cutler from Ontario describes his research: "I have been treating a group of 32 diabetics in bad condition, which still had an increasing sugar level despite diet and drugs, and they needed more doses of insulin. From the 32 patients, 24 had been freed from all drugs within 8-13 weeks." He was amazed.

Stefan, age 74, for 20 years has been suffering from type II diabetes. He takes insulin. In 1991 he had a heart attack, in 1995 a by-pass. For years diabetic polineuropathy limited his movement. He was walking very slowly, with the help of two walking canes. After 20 infusions the sugar level had normalized, the amount of taken insulin decreased. He walks without a cane now.

A patient brought by her daughter often forgot the basic things; she had apathy, with periodical stimulations. Recently she did want to let family members come in the house; she did not recognize her relatives. During the first meeting she answered with delayed monosyllables. After 10 infusions, there was full verbal contact. The lady was delighted by treatment, there was no leg swelling, the varicose veins got smaller.


  • The conclusion of chelation
The above descriptions only show a part of the greater whole, it shows how effective is the direct work of chelation on very sick organisms being in a tragic state. But they cannot overshadow the more important phenomena, which happen during chelation. These real miracles - the dissolution of arteriosclerotical deposits - are important, but they are still small compared to what happens with a patient in the months and years following. The main activity may not visible in the descriptions above. We can see the effects after 1, 2, 5, 10 and 20 years after chelation. Then we can see the power of the natural strength of our bodies when they are not being destroyed by free radicals. Of course, free radicals do not kill like a heart attack, stroke or an internal hemorrhage. They cause slow, invisible and gradual paralysis of our strength and thinking, while we think that we are at the end of our physical abilities and we do not even protest, for we did not have a tool to reverse these gradual and unavoidable degeneration processes. From what we observe during and after chelation, this is now the past.


  • Research and presence in literature

In 1995 the members of the Great Lakes Association invested in laboratory researches called "zero studies" (the first bigger study of this kind). They took 20 thousand patients undergoing chelation and a control group, which was given a placebo. The patients did not know who received chelation. The data was analyzed by statisticians. The zero studies showed that from 20 thousands patients who underwent chelation, 79% had significant improvement of blood flow in the legs and arms. The level of this improvement depended on the dose and treatment time. Control patients did not show any improvement in the blood flow.

Clinical studies performed in the U.S. by cardiologists dr W. Olszewer and prof. Jamos P. Carter published in 1988 proved the effective and positive influence of chelation. The studies were performed on 2870 people. In 76.89% of the cases, a very significant improvement was stated in patients with angina pectoris, in 16.57% there was distinct improvement, which together amounts for 93.46% of the cases for angina pectoris. In patients with circulation disorder in their lower limbs, a big improvement was noted in 91% of the patients, good in 7.6%, together amounting for 98.6%. In patients with cerebral circulation disorder, the improvement was stated in 54% of the cases.

Almost all of the available scientific literature about chelation in arteriosclerosis describes a clear improvement of the blood flow and other additional positive health symptoms. A small amount of negative publications are characterized by a lack of reliable proofs and they come mainly from physicians interested in catheterizing the blood vessels and chirurgical vascular operations. Moreover, there is nothing about the negative consequences of chelation. They only mentioned lack of comparable effectiveness compared to chirurgical surgery. We should not be surprised, because after surgery a patient can feel the wonderful effects immediately. But, as the time goes by, the effect vanishes, and after chelation the first results appears after a week and full results after 4-6 months. The healing effects in this treatment appear gradually, but last for years...

Moreover, together with chelation other serious diseases like diabetes, vision and hearing disorder withdraw, which cannot be said with chirurgical interventions. Even worse, during surgery under narcosis and the amounts of drugs used, vision and hearing may deteriorate. We should also keep in mind, that a certain amount (but fortunately not so large), of surgeries end in death, despite using cosmic technologies and modern drugs that are not too harmful. After EDTA infusions, the patient for certain will survive, even if there are not the expected effects, at least there will be general physical strengthening...


  • With which diseases is chelation the most effective?

1. In all diseases caused by arteriosclerosis and in all degenerative diseases. But the most important are those that are threatening life or causing serious disabilities. Above all, coronary disease in every stage.

2. Before and after by-pass or other surgeries on coronary vessels.

3. In circulation disorders of the limbs, in intermittent claudication, Buerger and Raynoud disease.

4. In cerebral circulation disorders, caused by a narrowing of the vessels which supply the brain with blood, when there are such symptoms as: dizziness, ear buzzing, migraines, lack of sensation in the face and limbs.

5. After a stroke there is an indication that chelation decreases the consequences and the risk of its repetition.

6 .Distinct positive influence can be seen in so called endogenous dejection, which may be caused by deterioration of the microcirculation in certain parts of the brain, which cannot be defined, although the clinical effects are visible.

7. In Alzheimer and Parkinson disease there is a significant improvement of the patient's condition, but treatment in these cases has to be repeated. Unfortunately, the condition of the patient after chelation returns to the original state very fast. For this reason, the procedure in this person is different than in others.

8. In so called "burn-out syndrome", in chronic tiredness, also as a strong method assisting in immunopathy and chronic bacterial, virus infections, in difficult mycosis, like: oral candidiasis, or digestive systems, or even in severe lungs aspergillosis. There is cleansing and unblocking of the patient's immune system. Because of this, there are effects also in bronchial asthma, and in psoriasis and as in dermatosis.

9. Patients with degenerative joint disease after treatment can feel a significant improvement. According to American data, 1/3 of patients can avoid haunch joint surgery. Chelation causes patients to get well faster, also in some tissue diseases, e.g. rheumatic joint inflammation.

10. And finally the good news for people with inherited cancerous diseases. In the U.S. society, the average morbidity on cancerous disease is about 17%, in our country the situation is similar. In the U.S. they examined people who underwent chelation in the past and the percentage was ... 3.5%.

Because of above, in the U.S. chelation is being widely recommended as a supplemental treatment for all tumors because of eliminating the free radicals. That kind of recommendation is logical and the consequences are natural in this context.

In closing, regarding environmental poisoning as a method of choice. In heavy metal poisoning such as: mercury, lead, cadmium.

Is chelation reasonable for people without any specific diseases, just as a preventive treatment?! - to dissolve the beginning of arteriosclerosis, eliminate degenerative processes and decrease the risk of tumors. In short, is it good to have revitalizing chelation at the age of 40-50, if you are healthy? The answer to this question is absolutely: YES!


  • Safety of the method

Chelation causes fewer side effects than aspirin. Statistically it has been calculated, that EDTA is 3.5 times less toxic than aspirin.

Chelation is almost completely safe. There has not been recorded any significant complications aside from not very serious and the passing irritations of injected veins in a small percent, and this happen when patients want to accelerate the infusion. However it hardly occurs when the standard requirements are followed.











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